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Humbly I say that I am Anishinaabe of the Three Fires, Odawa, Turtle Clan. I have been studying my cultural traditions  for 20 years. In my journey  I have learned many teachings from each of the Tribes of the Three Fires, the Ojibwe, Potawatomi, and my  tribe the Odawa.  I know that for each teaching I receive there are many  more that I have yet to learn. I am but at the beginning of my journey. Miigwech   (Thank you).

In sharing my Culture I do it with the  respect and the wisdom of my teachings, I am just a man, and I can only speak for me. If I say things that are different from what you have learned, it is not wrong, it is just another way. What you believe is the way the Creator has came to you. The Creator will guide you. Ahaaw (ok).

One concept that I feel is very important to understand is the Odawa concept of “Balance.”  Balance is a state of being. Being at peace with one’s self, Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, and Emotionally. Being in balance is a journey of self discovery.  To find balance you must find yourself, who you are, and what is your path, your purpose?  Being in balance you become more aware of the everything around you. You come to appreciate every little detail of the world.  The four areas of your life, Spiritual, Mental, Physical, and Emotional, should be equal, no one area should over shadow another part of your life. This is a constant self evaluation of where you are. At times this can be a real struggle. But keeping those four aspects of your life in balance, has its own rewards. You will become a positive, honest, strong, and focused person.

Wiingezin (Take it Easy)
Patrick D. Wilson


“The Tree of Universal Peace” 

The concept of the Tree creates an encompassing embrace of  Peace around the Tree of Life. (Note: The parts of trees used were salvaged from a private camp ground, with the owner's permission.)


Celebration of Living

As we walk along the path of life,
 We meet many people who join us in our journey.
Sometimes we are blessed,
We get a chance to walk along the path with some truly special people.
Today and every day we should celebrate this journey.
With love and wisdom
We always have time to listen 
To care for others 
To shared our experiences and stories
With the respect and honesty of truth
Today we join our hands and walk together
On this day 
Our Celebration of Living