Pat Wilson

The Earth Our Mother

A collection of thoughts from Pat that show us wisdom and guide us on The Path through Native American spirituality.


“Can you find happiness in the dark?
Only if you are absolutely sure of what it is you are looking for,
because if it does not feel right,
you probably will need to continue searching.
Sometimes you can search high and low,
and then suddenly a light comes on
and happiness is right before your eyes.”
~ Pat Wilson ~


There is a well known Native American concept,
“As you walk on this earth, walk softy on our Mother.”

What is the statement really saying? Let’s think for a moment.  There is so much that is in that statement....

The easiest part of this statement is saying the earth is our Mother.  Mother is the one who gave birth to you.  By saying the earth is our Mother; she has given life to all of us. She nourished us, sheltered us, and provided for all of our needs.

 “As you walk”, to me means as you live your life, your journey. 

The words “walk softy” is the key to how you live your life. To walk softly, is to walk with love, humility and respect.  

So what is the saying really telling us? It is saying that, as a person living your life, you need to treat the earth with love, humility and respect. Because the Earth gives us life and she should be treated as you would treat your birth Mother.